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This will be a semi-angry post.

Making fun of people is tricky. No one should do it, of course. But most of us do. I’ll admit to it.

I would hope that I inflict no harm in the process. But I probably do. I know this because I often hear someone making of fun of someone else for something that I myself do. And that hurts my feelings indirectly. I can only guess that I’m guilty of the same offense to someone else.

Strange how you find out what people are like, just by listening to them when they describe other people. Very few see the good in everyone. Some are quite judgmental. Most are fair- enough surface politeness for social graces, but also enough of a sense of humor to be amusing among a select group (which may or may not be at the expense of another person).

Though I believe the concentration is higher in the City of Angels than anywhere else, some people are very cruel indeed. Enough to ridicule you directly.

I attended a wedding where one of the many groomsmen was mocking the bride, who was getting choked up during her vows. I have never hated someone I didn’t even know so much. How DARE this person mock her? I barely knew the bride myself, but I couldn’t believe that this guy had the audacity to make fun of her on such a significant occasion as she poured her heart out to her husband-to-be in front of everyone. I don’t think it bothered her. But it really bothered me.

I can only imagine that I will experience a similar fate on my own wedding day. I don’t expect I’ll handle it as gracefully.

Isn’t anything sacred? Love? Wedded bliss? Kodak moments? Why do people have to f*** with that?

I’m one of the most cynical, pessimistic, sarcastic people I know, but some things are off limits. What good comes of making people feel like s*** on purpose?

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” It’s certainly the reason I hate Los Angeles so much. This town has a severe deficiency of integrity and sincerity.

I didn’t know Steve McQueen personally. But I suspect he was a bit like the characters he played. Cool, no-nonsense, and straightforward. I think he understood what it was all about. Take life seriously, but not too seriously.

Steve McQueen was from the Midwest. Just like me. We’re a different breed.

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