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The Pretty People Predicament

"He's a dating a model."

What does this sentence mean to you?

Do you think the fact that this person's employment is mentioned upon first mention of his or her existence is significant? This has nothing to do with the individual. If the statement was "He's seeing someone," your estimation of that person would not be the same. Correct?

Why does the model part of it matter? Why is it the first thing you want us to know? Does it mean he has triumphed over his fellow men by finding a supremely physically attractive companion? Does it mean he has something better than average? Does it mean he has achieved some kind of unattainable goal? Does it mean that there's no denying he landed a prize lay because he or she is photographically proven to be pleasing to look at?

If your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife or lover was not gifted with natural beauty that is more than generally accepted to be marketable, does that lower him or her to a different category of worthiness? Is there a hint of jealousy that you didn't find a model for yourself? Is there some regret or disappointment that you settled for someone with less-than-model appeal?

I have heard more than a few cases of men or women "discarding" their perfectly satisfactory significant others because they think they are capable of finding someone "hotter." I wonder how the "hotter" person feels about it. Disgusted, I hope, but perhaps also a bit worried that there is someone even "hotter" out there that will eventually take their place.

When I was in high school, I found out that all the guys in our group of friends had made a list ranking all of the girls by "hotness." Instead of scolding these young men for participating in this insulting act and convincing all the girls to somehow retaliate (which, in retrospect, is what I should have done), I bought into it. I debated the reasons why the people ahead of me on the list were better than me and what changes I needed to make to attempt to surpass them.

If you've ever competed for attention with someone who possesses superior natural beauty, you know that your efforts are futile. On their most unwashed, unplucked, unshaven, greasy day, a natural beauty still has you beat.

Soon we will all have artificial intelligence to compete with. Synthetic beauty will be the standard to strive for. We already have photoshop, airbrushing, laser hair removal and cosmetic surgery. "Blade Runner," "Westworld" and "Ex Machina" are edging on reality. Soon enough, we will have the ability to create and purchase our own companions with all the most desirable features. And what will happen then? Will there be such a thing as natural beauty? Or will natural beauty rise even higher on the pyramid? Will it be even more of a rare gift? And what will happen to all the normal-looking people? What will they do?

All of our eyes are programmed to be drawn in by beauty and marvel at it. In the grand scheme of things, we can all agree that beauty does not matter. It is merely a finish on the surface of the body that happens to shine brighter than the rest for a limited amount of time.

But while it lasts, pretty people have an unfair advantage.

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