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Asking for a friend...

Assuming you are a fully aware, warm-blooded human being that takes life relatively seriously, but not too seriously... what would it take for someone to be "dead" to you?

At what point are you past excuses, explanations or giving the benefit of the doubt? At what point is there no forgiveness remaining?

I'm not talking about Game of Thrones Red Wedding-type betrayal. I'm not talking about infidelity or criminal activity or a leading a double life à la Don Draper or Walter White. I'm not talking about cruelty or violence or any of the other things that should never happen. I'm not talking about toxic relationships.

I'm talking about normal everyday petty misunderstandings with life-altering consequences.

Picture the person you are closest to. Someone you trust. Someone you talk to about sh*t that actually matters. Someone who's had your back. Someone that you want to be around.

Picture that person doing or saying something that you consider unjustifiable. Something offensive. Something cowardly. Something dishonest. Something that takes advantage of you. And this person doesn't understand your point of view, which, for lack of a better phrase, HURTS your feelings.

A difference of opinion over a simple, seemingly insignificant thing snowballs into an argument so heated, so painfully wrought, that you go into survival mode. The damage is irreversible. You have to cut this person out of your life completely. And this freshly made enemy has no chance whatsoever of convincing you that you have it all wrong.

In this scenario, you put yourself at risk of seeming ridiculous, but it's worth it. Your integrity is more important than the ashes of the friendship you once had.

Is life too short to be angry and dismissive? Or is life too short to put yourself at risk of being hurt by someone more than once?

The 2nd and 3rd presidents of the United States know what I'm talking about.

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