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"Friend, good."

Real monsters exist. Not the kind that hide under your bed or in your closet.

"I'm glad that girl died." I read this sentence in the news today. It should have been shocking. I wish it had been shocking. I wish it was inconceivable that someone would say something like that (or even think it). I wish it was inconceivable that someone would say something like that and NOT be excruciatingly ashamed of themselves.

Speaking of wishes... At times like these I am always reminded of the X-Files episode where Mulder meets a genie. He wishes for the Miss America pageant cliche: world peace. The genie grants his wish. Mulder wanders out into the world, discovering that he is now the lone resident of planet Earth. The genie explains to him that changing the hearts and minds of six billion people is an impossible task- something the human race cannot accomplish.

- - -

Fear of another person based on differences in appearance, beliefs, culture, lifestyle or sexual orientation - this is diversity misinterpreted as a threat.

Ignorance puts you at a disadvantage. An open mind is not vulnerable. You do yourself a disservice to exclude those who don't share a mirror image of your views and experiences.

Animosity. Hatred. Intolerance. What exactly is the benefit?

You never know whose help you will need. Think of the last time you rushed to the emergency room or called 9-1-1. Think of the last stranger whose expertise you depended upon. Was that person exactly like you? Did it f***ing matter?

If you know anything about anatomy, then you know that we humans are all designed exactly the same. We all need oxygen. We all need blood to deliver the oxygen. We all need brains to tell the heart to pump the blood. And we all need skin and bone to keep the heart and the blood and the oxygen and the brains encased within one functioning package. Poke a hole or cut off the circulation or introduce a poison and the whole damn thing stops working. No amount of genetic purity makes a damn bit of difference.

- - -

I hate living in Los Angeles (with a passion), BUT... I will say this for the City of Angels: anyone can fit in here. Maybe not in every neighborhood. Maybe not in every store on Rodeo Drive (Vivian Ward knows what I'm talking about). But generally, I feel that this city embraces a rich variety of natives, transplants, immigrants and transients. I see various cultures thriving here. I see people, myself included, becoming readily acquainted with other people who have had radically different life experiences. Some of my closest friends at present have absolutely nothing in common with me. And I think that's a good thing. Moving here has expanded my ability to accept and empathize with a wide range of ideas. And I am grateful for that. Well, that and the tacos.

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