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So this is love...


Long obligation. Very emotional.

Lasting overwhelming vulnerable experience.

Lucidity obstacle. Various effects.

Learning over volatile events.

Listen. Observe. Value. Endure.

You are going to take for granted. And you will be taken for granted.

You are going to ignore. And you will be ignored.

You are going to lie. And you will be lied to.

You are going to disappoint. And you will be disappointed.

You are going to feel anger. And you will cause anger.

You will misunderstand. And you will be misunderstood.

All of these glitches and you still can't turn your back. Not completely.

This is love. That painful sensation you feel in the most important muscle of your body.

I'm not talking about romance. I'm not talking about sex. I'm not talking about

soul mates or star-crossed lovers. I'm not talking about Tisha and Gomez. Love is involved, of course.

But what I'm talking about is bigger than that.

I'm not talking about family. Love is required to nurture and support and forgive and withstand through infancy, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

But what I'm talking about reaches farther than that.

I am kinda-sorta talking about friendship... Affection for another whose company you keep voluntarily due to enjoyment, preference and harmony. An ally. A kindred spirit.

I am talking about a person you care deeply about and the hope you cannot bury (no matter how hard you try) that they will make the most of the short time they have on Earth- even when you've lost faith in their ability to see it themselves. I am talking about a person you can't bring yourself to give up on (no matter how much damage may have been caused- intentionally, unintentionally or semi-intentionally). I am talking about someone you will never stop worrying about or wondering about or trying to understand.

Keep loving that person. They may need you before it's over.

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